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Best Alternate Recipes Update 4

EA EX  Beginner

Update 4 has arrived and with it, there's a lot of talk about the best alternate recipes. Some of the best recipes from update 3 have dropped off the list and we have some new contenders for the best recipes. Let's have a look at them.

TotalXclipse 2059 2021-06-13

24 Tips of Christmas

Leading up to Christmas, I hosted 24 days of Satisfactory tips. In light of the New Year, here you will find a guide covering each of the tips we discussed over the past month.

TotalXclipse 2108 2021-01-13

5x5 Challenge Rules

 Intermediate, Advanced  Square  25 foundations

Many of you have seen, read, or heard about the 5x5 Challenge. It is a special way of playing that focuses on squeezing your entire production into a factory building that has only a 5x5 foundation. It is not everyone’s cup of tea/coffee/[insert drink of choice]!

Respawn Repeat 6122 2020-12-13

How to Build Circles in Satisfactory

Epic Steam EA EX  Intermediate  Circle

This guide shows you how to create circles in Satisfactory, whether in vanilla, with the Satisfactory Calculator, or by using the Micro Manage Mod.

Praaug 6158 2020-09-26

Hosting a game of Satisfactory

Epic Steam  Beginner

How to set up and host a session online to play Satisfactory in Multiplayer-Mode so you can build a factory with other players.

MadDEMENTOR 3219 2020-09-13

Save (y)our savegame: Back up those files...

 Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Many hours in gaming put into a factory and even more effort on planning; take some time to save your saves...

MadDEMENTOR 2224 2020-08-31

Pipes: Creating Clean Segues from Compact to Under Floor Builds


Trying hard to have your factory looks as good as possible is part of the fun in Satisfactory for many. This Guide tries to show you how you can use different Methods to get a clean and interesting look to you pipelines. In this case we look at an segue from a compact pipeline to an under floor one.

Samueras 5292 2020-08-22

Creating Awesome Screenshots


Taking a screenshot in game is quite an easy task. However, understanding how to take an AWESOME screenshot that will amaze the viewers will require a little more work.

BraindG 1415 2020-08-22

25 Satisfactory Beginner Tips

Epic Steam EA EX  Beginner

Satisfactory can be bewildering when you start your first game. This guide will help you get to the space elevator tier whilst covering 25 need to know tips all beginners need to know.

TotalXclipse 16587 2021-02-24